The TenantSync Device

Unlike other property management software we give you the option to install a device in each and every unit, maximizing tenant usage rate.

Permanent Connection

Permanently connected to the internet through a cellular network.

Sturdy Construction

Industrial strength casing and tablet can take any damage thrown at it.

Secure Wall-Mounting

Secure and safe wall-mounting prevents device from being tampered with.

Always On

Device can only be turned on/off by Landlord. If for some reason device disconnects admin is immediately notified.

What Does It Do?

The TenantSync Device automates all Tenant-to-Landlord interaction.

Rent Payments

Tenants can pay their rent from the secure device directly in their unit with their credit card, debit card, or checking account. Landlords receive real-time notification of rent paid.  Never again have to wait for a check in the mail or physically go pick up money from tenants.



Maintenance Scheduling

Tenants can create maintenance requests through the Device directly in their unit. This frees the Landlord from phone calls and texts from their tenants to their personal cell phone or a costly call center. Landlords or an authorized user can respond and schedule all maintenance requests through their web-portal by a mobile device or laptop.  By using the auto populated calendar feature never again lose track of scheduled maintenance calls.



Send and receive a simple text based communication to and from tenants directly in their unit.  When you send a message a high contrast task bar pops up on the in unit screen and a read receipt is logged upon opening.  Easily organize and centralize all communication and be able to review your authorized admin users communication with all tenants at a glance.  Never again lose a phone number, wonder if a message was received, or be out of the loop.

Delinquency Alarm

When rent is delinquent the in unit screen lights up red and a high contrast red task bar pops up that reads “Rent Due”; this notification will not go away until the rent is fully paid or the landlord toggles the alarm off from the web-app.  In addition the automated system manages legal notice for eviction proceedings.  A legal notice is electronically delivered and a read receipt is logged officially starting the required time clock.  Never again have to make uncomfortable collection calls on late rent or eviction notice.

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