Short-Term Rentals

Tamper Proof • Wall Mounted • Touchscreen Tablet

  • Streamline all communication easily through the in unit device
  • Never again have to give out personal information to guests
  • Improve your host ratings by improving your guest experience

Preload suggested things to-do in the immediate area; include any graphics, maps, and info you wish to help improve the guest’s stay; never again leave a laminated paper in the drawer or explain the same list to every guest, just update the tablet anytime and it’ll always be accessible for guest review – EASY

Allow a guest to easily contact and schedule a repair that may pop up – you can immediately schedule a repair with the guest during their stay or make a note to repair upon their check out – the appointment is automatically scheduled in the TenantSync calendar – EASY

Communicate with guests by text on the in-unit device allowing the host to maintain anonymity but stay in contact at all times – receive a notification on your mobile device and email when a guest sends a message or deliver a message to your unit from your mobile device or computer at anytime from anywhere – EASY

Stay up to the minute with your guests without the need for a phone call or text. When guests arrive they touch the “check in” button; when they depart they touch the “check out” button; you receive an alert for both instantly – EASY

If it is past the time of check out and the guest still has not left the room the device will automatically illuminate red and have a high contrast task bar that reads “Check out overdue” to lightly remind them to check out without the need for an uncomfortable phone call or text – EASY

Give the wifi password, check in/out instructions, code of ethics for unit behavior, any info you wish to easily deliver to your guests easily accessible directly from the in-unit device – EASY

Easy operation, Easier pricing
$100 per unit
Includes: wireless data, unlimited updates/support, 1 year warranty, 30 day trial